$ 20.00 USD

DK-Decks G2 deck is a amazing handcrafted deck with 5 plys medium/high kicks to medium/deep concave.this deck has great pop and amazing preformance sure to fit any fingerboarder from the beginners to the professionals.

 deck are currently sold out


DK Graphic Trucks

$ 10.00 USD

DK Graphic Trucks are a 29mm wide truck with a outstanding look to them. They are sure add a stunning look to any deck they are set up on.


DK black gold

$ 5.00 USD

DK black gold  tape has the performance and feel of your top end tapes at a Great price. No need to break the bank for a great sheet of tape, And priced at 5 sheets for 5 dollars you cant go wrong with this great Tape.


DK acessory case

$ 2.00 USD

small parts,trucks,toolsthis is where

they go.neverlose your stuff again four compartment DKcase are perfect for your storage needs


DK crete

$ 25.00 USD

amazing barrier for a awsome!! price an plus free shipping . yes i said it . in size its 9'3/8s long ,3'tall,3'1/4s high. thos barriers are super smooth an have never endeing ways to shred it


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